Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The end of the Chapter~~

it's so empty. it's so silent. listen. i have done my studies in my university life. so do my friends. we all will be grade later. we will enter to new life which called a working life, being workaholic. we will gain money, make money and so on. we will find job, doing job, overtime and so on. we can buy things we like, we we drive cars, we rent a house, we going work. its all the bright side that i even couldn't wait to start it. in the sad part, dis is the end of student life. being totally enjoy and learn when have exam only. haha.. we will separated each other, will separate again. some in pahang, some in negeri sembilan, some in terengganu, some in johor, some in kedah, and some some lah. i'm gonna miss my friends..miss the laugh and sad we shared together. miss the memories we create together. oh, my beautiful friends, i wish we will never lose this friendship. coz i do miss u so..

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inari shijo said...

r u sure u will miss me or u'll only miss him?